Best Free Spam Filter

Spam and unsolicited junk e-mail are not just annoying; they can clog up your inbox and even infect your computer with viruses or malicious programmes. It is extremely important to protect yourself and your personal information by taking some simple measures. You can also use services for cloud-based spam filtering to stop junk mail and phishing. This works by using multiple layers of security mechanisms to check all the inbound messages against lists of known sources of spam.

  • Never respond to spam or phishing e-mails
  • Think before you click on any links
  • Keep your web browser updated

Spam is dangerous and can also put you at risk of identity theft, so it’s important to use the proper anti-spam software. By using reliable protection, you can be confident that the mail is detected and filtered away from your inbox. Having a secure updated antivirus will also ensure that if you open a spam e-mail, it will not infect your computer. If you are not adequately covered, then ensure that you get some spam protection as a priority!